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What is UGC (User Generated Content)?

UGC stands for User Generated Content. But what exactly is User Generated Content and why should businesses use it?

User Generated Content (UGC) is a term to describe the content organically created for a business by its customers. This could be in the form of a review, a social media post or a video.

UGC is an effective form of marketing as it provides future customers with social proof that your product is fantastic and worth buying.

What types of UGC are there?

User Generated Content can be in the form of a written content (eg review or blog), a static post (Instagram or Facebook) or a video (Reels or TikTok). Some of the more popular types of UGC include:

  • Mail unboxing
  • How to use the product
  • A product review
  • Promoting a campaign (such as using a branded hashtag)
  • Ad style content

But how can you use UGC in your business?

Many social media platforms recognise the untapped potential that is UGC and provide methods for businesses to repurpose that content via resharing or reposting and more professionally, though tagged collaborations and paid partnerships.

Is UGC free or is it paid for?

User Generated Content in its most organic form is usually posted to social media by customers. It’s a courtesy to ask to reshare content, and customers who have tagged you are usually happy for you to share organically on your social media so long as you provide appropriate creator credit.

If you intend to use UGC for paid advertisements, including boosted posts, you should definitely get in touch with the creator and offer to purchase usage rights to the content from them. Never use content in a paid advertisement without permission.

What if my customers aren’t creating UGC?

If your customers aren’t creating User Generated Content organically, then you can hire a content creator (like Emily K Creative) to make it for you. Many social media content creators specialise in UGC style content and can provide a bank of content that mimics the look and feel of UGC that you can share on your social media platforms or use in your paid advertising.

I’m a creator, how do I get paid to create UGC?

Getting started as a UGC creator is easy. Study the advertisements and boosted posts that your favourite brands use and practice mimicking their style in your own content. Create and post UGC content using your favourite brands from around your home to build a portfolio. If brands reach out to use your content, offer to sell it to them for a price that suits you. Other ways to secure paid work include:

  • Create a website or landing page with your package offerings so brands can reach out to you
  • Reach out to your favourite brands and make an offer to create content for them
  • Use Freelancer websites like Upwork to bid for jobs
  • Provide your details and portfolio to content creator agencies who will reach out to you if they find a brand partnership to match yours.

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