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How To Install Lightroom Presets On Mobile

You’ve purchase your Lightroom Presets, now what? Here’s how you install them on your Lightroom mobile app.

Download your Lightroom presets

When you purchase your Emily K Creative presets, you’ll receive a zip folder containing the .XMP files and a PDF download card for the mobile presets (.DNG)

Follow the link on the download card which will take you to a Dropbox folder. The process may look slightly different depending on your operating system, but it should be relatively the same.

Import the presets to the app

(First and foremost, ensure you’ve downloaded the Lightroom mobile app. It’s free and available for Android and Apple devices.)

You don’t need to open the .DNG files in Dropbox, they will only show an error. Instead, click the three buttons beside each file name, select Export then select Add to LR.

Save the preset in Lightroom

An image will import to Lightroom. Don’t worry how it looks – it just holds the data needed for the preset. To continue to use the preset on your own images, you’ll need to save the preset to Lightroom.

Open the image as if you’re going to edit it then click the three dots on the top right corner. select Create Preset.

Next you’ll need to name the preset. It’s best to give it the same name as the file from Dropbox to avoid confusion. You can add it to a preset folder if you want to keep your presets neatly arranged. Then select the tick.

Repeat the process with the other presets in the Dropbox file.

Apply your preset

All done – you’ve now installed your Lightroom presets to your mobile app! Now you can apply your preset by opening an image, scrolling right on the bottom toolbar to the preset icon and selecting the preset you wish to apply.

Happy editing!

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Emily is the lead photographer and creative eye at Emily K Creative. She enjoys creating scroll stopping content and is passionate about her family, women’s rights and sustainability